We thank Ruth Parasol and The Parasol Foundation Trust for gifting and supporting us

The Parasol Foundation Trust is a philanthropic trust established in 2004 in Gibraltar and is overseen by its principal benefactress, Ruth Parasol.
Since 2015, the Trust has supported the Heritage of London Trust and its 44 ongoing restoration projects that focus on engagement with local communities and contribution to the beauty, charm and character of the city of London. Thanks to the Trusts ongoing donations, the Heritage of London Trust has been able to take on many more projects to expand its work to protect Londons wonderful heritage for the future.
For over 10 years the Parasol Foundation Trust, a philanthropic trust established in Gibraltar in 2004, has been giving to communities in Gibraltar, UK, Israel, India and the United States. To date, the Trust has committed over £20,000,000 on various educational, health, culture and heritage initiatives.

Ruth Parasol is the trusts principal benefactress. She is considered to be one of the worlds wealthier self-made women today. Following the immense, international success of her online gaming company and its IPO on the London Stock exchange in 2005, Ruth stepped aside and sold her remaining gaming interests to focus on raising her children and also diversifying and managing her proceeds and advising her philanthropic trust.

Ruth Parasol says: Our time, success and fortune are borrowed. You can never give or appreciate enough, but every effort helps. Here, at The Parasol Foundation Trust, we enable change by supporting talented individuals and core centres of health and education, in order to create a better future for the next generation. Through education, cutting-edge technologies, advanced medical treatments and culture preservation, we hope to contribute to a better and brighter future.