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Graham Fisher, Chief Executive of Toynbee Hall, and Dudley Fishburn, Chairman of the Heritage of London Trust, on a visit to Toynbee Hall as restoration work begins on the building.

Secret passageways of Hampstead – a fascinating walk with author Philip Davies, past the 18th century parish lock-up.

A fantastic visit to Apsley House, Piccadilly, with Josephine Oxley, Keeper of the Wellington Collection. Our first event of the new season!

St Andrew’s church in Holborn, one of Wren’s City churches, lost its 18th century weathervanes when a bomb hit its tower in 1941. The Heritage of London Trust has supported the restoration of the weathervanes and flagpole. These are now up and glittering in the sunshine.

The Trust’s Director, Nicola Stacey, at the top of the tower with the team at St Andrew Holborn Church Foundation.

In Hillingdon, one of the Trust’s projects, Eastcote House Gardens’ 18th century dovecote has just reopened to the public with new nesting boxes, whitewashed walls, new slats in the louvre and a restored door. The cat flap was a new discovery, previously boarded over. And a dove has taken up residence.

A dovecote has been on this site since the end of the 16th century. Display panels inside explain the history of dove-keeping.

The 19th century Caroline Gardens Chapel, Southwark, served the Licensed Victuallers Benevolent Institution Asylum in London’s largest complex of almshouses. Bombed in WWII, it is gradually being restored, with a major conservation survey underway for the interior.

The Trust restored the portico steps.