London’s Anatomy: Victorian Buildings from Top to Toe

Our 2019 Annual Conference ‘London’s Anatomy: Victorian Buildings from Top to Toe’, took a fresh look at London’s Victorian buildings. From brick to terracotta to the glass of Crystal Palace and the lettering across London’s buildings and monuments, delegates were delighted by experts across the board. John Pelton spoke about one of London’s most ambitious restoration projects, future-proofing the Palace of Westminster, and Benny O’Looney about working together to get conservation projects off the ground. Our director took us through HOLT’s range of projects and project partners.

Between talks delegates were able to see Victorian craft first hand thanks to Chapel Studio, James Hoyle & Son, and Bulmer Brick & Tile who all exhibited on the day!

Thank you to everyone who attended, delivered talks and to Native Land for sponsoring us – we hope to see you all next year!