An address in Bloomsbury, by Alec Forshaw

Built at the end of the 17th century on what was then the northern edge of London, this street has a complex history, famous today for its hospitals, but remarkable for much more besides.

Superbly illustrated in full colour with photographs, drawings, prints and maps, the book traces the life and times of No.49 and the people who lived and worked there. It embraces the development of institutions such as the Foundling Hospital, the church of St George-the-Martyr, the Hospital for Sick Children, the Working Men’s College and the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, together with the involvement of great figures such as Nicholas Barbon, Richard Mead, William Stukeley, Earl Grey, Charles Dickens, Louisa Twining and William Morris.

With over 350 years of history packed into 400 pages it is a rich and compelling story.

Alec Forshaw is a Trustee of The Heritage of London Trust.

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Parish Churches of Greater London: A Guide, by Michael Hodges

‘A marvellous book’ – Sir Roy Strong

‘What a good book. There are many half-hearted guides but this one is erudite and exhaustive’ – Sir Simon Jenkins

‘An eye-opening revelation’ – John Martin Robinson

A coloured guide to over 420 parish churches in Greater London, this book covers all 32 London boroughs, excluding the City of London. It includes a brief history of each borough and a chronological gazetteer, with details on church architects, furnishings and monuments.

Published in December 2015

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