Monthly Archives: March 2020

We visited Galleywall School on Monday to meet Simon Adams from Taylor’s of Loughborough. With the closure of the Whitechapel bell foundry, 18th century Taylor’s is the last remaining in the country. HOLT has given a grant to restore the school’s bell – lost during WWII – so that pupils can ring it to start the school day. Our expedition involved climbing over three sets of roof ladders, squeezing into the belfry and careful measurements… the next stage will be the casting of an 18 inch bell at the Loughborough foundry.

Conservation artist Pedro da Costa Felgueiras has been taking paint samples from the original Raine House statues, currently on display at Raine’s Foundation School in Bethnal Green, to inform the restoration of the replicas for the house. The samples will be sent for further microscopic assessment by paint expert, Catherine Hassall, and Pedro will then use traditional pigments and techniques to match them exactly. We look forward to the results…

Another project launch this morning! The restoration of the 120 year old fountain outside Turnham Green station. We’re thrilled to have worked with Hounslow Council, the Drinking Fountain Association and Thames Water to get this one working again… the granite top had been lost, the spouts had broken and it had been out of use for 50 years. All have been restored and fresh tap water now flows again! Celebrating this morning with Leader of the Council Steve Curran, Cllr John Todd, Gareth James, Sharyn Cardozo, HOLT’s Chairman and neighbours and friends of the fountain.

Drop by when you are next in west London for a free refill.

This morning we celebrated the completion of the restored Broomfield Park Memorial in Enfield. We were joined by schoolchildren from Broomfield School and Hazelwood School, Bambos Charalambous MP for Enfield, Cllr Claire Stewart, the Enfield Society and Colin Younger, Chairman of the Broomfield House Trust. A warm reminder – on this freezing day – of the huge public value of London’s green spaces!