Conde de Bayona Mausoleum
Harrow Rd, London NW10 5NU

Restoration of Conde de Bayona Mausoleum

Restoration of Conde de Bayona Mausoleum

The Conde de Bayona mausoleum belongs to Manuel Misa y Bertemati, a Spanish sherry producer born in 1815 in Bayona, Galicia. After a doctorate in law from Santiago de Compostela University, Manuel joined his brother in the Jerez sherry business. He later settled in London, becoming a highly successful businessman and philanthropist. His mausoleum dates to about 1904, and is in Gothic style, with a pitched fishscale tiled roof, elaborate ironwork finials, a pointed arched entrance with moulded jambs and a timber door with intersecting tracery. There are fine stained glass windows and a stone altar inside, painted ceiling, inscribed shields and a tiled floor.

Damage to the building has recently accelerated, with stained glass stolen and broken. The interior is now exposed to the elements, leaves are blown in, the painted surfaces are peeling and floor tiles are smashed. Decorative iron railings are badly corroded. Urgent repair works are needed to secure the building from further immediate damage, specifically protecting the glass. A condition survey was commissioned by Historic England in 2015, and proposals include removal and/or protection of the most vulnerable features in preparation for restoration: paint analysis, repainting, repointing, repairing all exterior stonework, overhauling the door, restoring iron work and installing window grilles.

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